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Approved Online Provider
Michigan Drive Safe Expands Basic Driver Improvement Course Offerings to Reach Diverse Population of Michigan Drivers
TROY, Mich., July 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Troy-based Company and Michigan Department of State Approved Provider is now offering online Spanish language and closed captioning options as well as informational webcast for Michigan Drivers.
Michigan Secretary of State OK's New Program that Helps Drivers Avoid Points, Makes Drivers Safer, Saves Drivers Additional Insurance Costs
TROY, Mich., Dec. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Are you a driver with a good record but suddenly received a ticket which will give you some points and a possible increase in your insurance costs?

If you are in that category—and there are tens of thousands of Michigan drivers who fit that profile—O/E Learning, a Michigan company and one of the nation's premier training providers, can help you avoid future points from your record and potentially eliminate higher insurance rates resulting from a driving violation. O/E Learning has been approved by the Michigan Secretary of State's office to conduct the online Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC) which, most importantly, is designed to make the roads and highways safer, while avoiding additional points for drivers. Under the program, insurance companies are not notified of the driving violation or ticket.
New online course allows Michigan motorists to avoid points on driving record
The Grand Rapids Press | Kyla King | March 2, 2011
An online course that allows Michigan drivers to avoid getting points on their license for minor traffic violations is up and running.
Drivers Get Second Chance To Clean Record
WDIV – Local 4 | Lauren Podell | Nov 2, 2010
Michigan will now offer a Basic Driver Improvement Course that will give drivers an opportunity to avoid higher insurance rates and points on their record. Read the Article or watch the Video.
Drivers to get chance to fix records with classes
Detroit Free Press | Matt Helms | Nov 2, 2010
Michiganders with relatively clean driving records will get a onetime chance to waive points from tickets -- if they pass a basic driver improvement course -- starting next year.
Points or classes? State Senator explains law that may mean second chance for Michigan drivers
MLive.com | Jonathan Oosting | Nov 2, 2010
Thousands of Michigan drivers could soon qualify for a second chance. A new state law set to take effect Dec. 31 will allow drivers ticketed for a number of traffic violations to waive points on their record by taking a basic driver improvement course.
How the driver program works
freep.com | Nov 2, 2010
An eligible driver will receive mail notification of the option of taking a basic driver improvement course to waive points for one ticket.